When you first place order with our writing service you receive Customer Number, it  can  later be used to earn points (the real money) to pay  for your next orders.

How it works.

  1. You enter your account with your username (email) and a password chosen at your first order.
  2. Navigate to “Affiliate program” and fill in the form, please mention your customer number and send it to your friend.
  3. If a  friend gets the invitation and decides to submit his order for academic paper  you’ll receive ATTENTION! – 10% from each order  your friend  makes at our site .
  4. You will even get additional points from friend’s friends orders. E.g. your friend  tells his/her friend and he/she   decides to order paper from us, it means that you’ll receive percentage even from that order. See the table of percentages here
  5. The 10% bonus is added to your account, it can be used  to order your own custom writing assignment, may be  transferred to other EssayEmpire account or even released to your bank account.

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