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Extra Services

Progressive Delivery

Progressive delivery is a unique option offered by our custom writing company, which allows our customers managing complex 20+ pages double-spaced and 10+ pages single-spaced papers quite successfully.


  • Customers can easily track the order's progress since they are able to receive the parts (drafts) for their approval prior to the deadline set on the website:
  • 20+ pages double-spaced and 10+ single-spaced papers have a longer free-revision period, which is 30 days comparing to 2 days in shorter papers.
  • The order will be assigned to a certified writer and editor.
  • Every such paper is carefully monitored by a professional and responsible manager, who guarantees the timely completion of the top-notch quality paper, as well as effortless communication between the customer and writer.

The customer receives the drafts in the following way:

  • The draft for orders with the urgency of 4 days and less is sent within 50% of the order deadline (for example, if the order urgency is 2 days, the customer can expect for the draft to be sent within 1 day). The volume of this draft should be not less than 25% of the total paper (for instance, if the order is 40 pages, the customer gets 10 pages as a draft);
  • If the order urgency is 5-11 days, the customer can expect for two drafts sent within 25% and 50% of the overall deadline set by the customer in the volume of 25% and 50% of the total paper volume accordingly;
  • If the order urgency is 12 or more days, the customer may expect to get three drafts sent within 25%, 50%, 75% of the deadline in the volume of 25%, 50%, 75% of the total paper volume.

*This option costs only 15% of the order price.

*We highly appreciate all needs of our customers, and if some of them want to update or change something in this individual plan, we can assist. Thus, if the customer wants to receive his/her paper in a different way we will surely meet and exceed the expectations taking his/her preferences and order peculiarities into the serious consideration.


Extra Services for Orders (under 20 Pages)


A 1-page summary is a helpful option for those customers, who need to present the topic researched to professor or classmates. It allows receiving a shortened version of the paper, which covers all the main points mentioned in the main paper.

Purchasing this service, our customers can check whether the writer works in the right direction. As such, the customer receives a one-page draft (300 words, if the customer orders a double-spaced paper or 600 words if he/she orders a single-spaced paper). The draft is sent after 50% of the order deadline expiry. For instance, if the customer orders a paper with 4-day urgency, he/she can expect to receive a draft within 2 days.

Extended Revision Service
If the customer wants to get some corrections or amendments after expiring 2 days revision period, he/she can order an extended revision service, and we will extend the period of free revision up to 14 days!

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