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When you are assigned a literary analysis, you are expected to provide a critical analysis of a book, story, article or a poem. Sometimes, you may be even asked to submit a literary analysis based on a movie or video. The main purpose of a literary analysis essay is to focus on a literary text and provide a comprehensive assignment of its constituent types, way of writing, figures of speech used in the text, literary devices, motifs behind writing, the main idea, and other aspects depending on the paper requirements.

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In order to be successful in literary essay writing, you need to have in-depth knowledge in a specific sphere or research area adjacent to the topic of the book, story or an article. You need to be able to identify the topic, find the hidden meaning of the literary work, unveil the main idea or message conveyed by the author, etc. Apart from being fluent in academic writing, one also needs to be well-versed in the process of critical analysis. Sometimes, you need to be able to read between the lines and be able to identify the author’s ideas that are not clearly conveyed.

It is essential to be able to analyze a literary work critically and analytically because it can help to highlight specific arguments, messages, evidence, facts, statements, and opinions presented in the story or book. The principles of literary analysis are used not only for essays, where students are merely required to focus on one story and analyze it from different angles, but also analytical writing can be applied for research papers, dissertations, and other large writing assignments. A literary analysis may be both a separate paper and a constituent of a larger one.

The man aim of literary analysis writing is to acknowledge the target readers with a literary work since a literary analysis essay focuses on a brief summary and a more detailed and in-depth critical evaluation of a book, article, story or poem. With the help of a literary analysis paper, a reader will be able to uncover unfamiliar aspects and features of specific literary works. Besides, by reading literary analysis paper examples, readers will become more familiar with the principles of critical writing and what an analytical paper looks like. Therefore, literary analysis papers may be even suggested for reading to those students who want to improve their academic writing skills.

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How to Write a Literary Analysis Essay?

1. Choose the best and the most interesting topic (for you) among the list of literary analysis essay topics provided.
2. Investigate the topic in depth from different perspectives. Come up with reliable and trustworthy sources that will help you evaluate the given literary work. Make sure that you rely on expert opinion when it comes to providing supporting evidence to your arguments and claims.
3. Be prepared to read the text assigned for analysis at least twice: the first time for getting general understanding of what it is about and the second time for more in-depth analysis.
4. When reading the book or article, always take notes and jot down the most appropriate and important things that you would like to touch upon in the very paper.
5. Compose a paper outline, where you draft the appropriate structure of what your future paper will look like.
6. Brainstorm ideas for each body paragraph. Think of what you would like to analyze in your paper, what ideas you would like to discuss, etc. Remember that you should not provide a broad paper that will not comprehensively cover the topic from 2-3 different perspectives.

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What Does Your Professor Expects from You When You Are Assigned a Literary Analysis Paper?

When you get an assignment to provide a literary analysis paper, you need to read the literary work, identify its topic, find out the main idea of the work that the author conveys, and also include critical analysis and evaluation of the overall impression from the reading. It is usually harder and more challenging to work on a literary analysis paper rather than on an ordinary scientific research or case study writing.

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To provide a successful literary analysis essay, you should effectively accomplish your main aim – to analyze the work critically. Critical analysis entails close examination of the text by paying attention to different features. Moreover, you are expected to take extensive notes and annotating different supporting literature for expert evidence. After you have found all the necessary materials, reviewed, and analyzed them, you have to relate the information found in external sources to the analyzed text. This literature review helps one to find supporting evidence and also formulate strong points about the assigned literary work. Moreover, if you have found specific sources of evidence, you will use only the necessary information without distracting your attention on some unnecessary facts.

Even when you are writing analysis online, you need to be able to spot the purpose and role of writing. As such, it is recommended to investigate the motifs of the author than made him/ her write the book/ story/ article. Moreover, it is essential to investigate and take into account how the author appeals to emotions, feelings, and thoughts. It is a must that you formulate a strong and clear thesis statement that should be argumentative in nature. The thesis statement should convey your main idea/ claim you want to put forward regarding the assigned literary work.

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