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Why Producing a Business Plan can Be Complicated

Generating ideas is easier than putting them into action, i.e. presenting to potential investors.
The points highlighted below are the very issues that prevent people from creating worthy business plans:

Lack of experience
• Unawareness of some notions
• Incapability of expressing ideas clearly

The listed factors may hinder the one from preparing the document attracting prospective investors’ and business partners’ attention and, as a result, achieving success.

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How to Write a Business Plan: Main Directions

A business plan is a piece of writing focused on outlining the main peculiarities of a specific company, i.e. the services it provides, the market niche it is aimed at occupying, etc. Additionally, it presents chief goals and strategies of a business and the ways those can be reached. It is worth admitting that such a kind of plan is vital for those who desire find reliable business partners and investors. Below, you will find useful tips on how to produce an effective business plan that will help you run your business successfully.

Part I. Preparation Process

1. Identify the kind of a business plan you are going to prepare. Though all plans perform some common functions such as determine the goal and structure of a company, analyze the market niche, etc., they still differ from each other. Business plans can be of three major kinds.

Mini plan. It is a short piece of writing consisting of about 10 pages used for identifying the aspects of your business that can attract investors and investigating the chief concept. Such a plan can be considered a superior starting point.

Working plan. It serves as a full version of the aforementioned plan. Its key goal is to give readers a clear understanding of the way a business can be set up. This is the very plan which a business owner refers to when working towards the set goals.

Presentation plan. It is mainly used by those who neither own nor run the business. Here it goes about prospective investors, bankers, etc. Actually, this is the so-called version of a working plan with the only difference that more attention is paid to business terms, notions and marketing presentation of the provided services. While the working plan is created for the business owner, the presentation one – for investors, consumers, bankers, etc.

2. Ensure you comprehend the structure of your plan. No matter the kind of a plan you are going to produce, you need to be aware of its basic structural components.

The first important item of a business plan is the concept. It has to be concentrated on the peculiarities of your company, i.e. the services it provides, organizational mode, market niche it occupies, and management.
The second component of such a plan is market analysis. It is clear that your company will operate within a determined market sector. That is why it is essential to be aware of consumers’ needs, preferences, and the operating competitors.
The third element is financial analysis. If your company is new in the business arena, you will be supposed to manage expenditures, income, and a balance sheet. Additionally, your financial analysis should include predictions about reaching the break-even by your company.

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3. Get assistance. If you lack skills and are unfamiliar with different business notions, ask professionals to help you make a detailed financial analysis.

The sections described above are broad units of a business plan. They, in their turn, are divided into narrow sections that are discussed below. They are: business description, market analysis, organizational mode and management, services and products, sales and marketing, and funding request.

Part II. Writing Stage

1. Make a correct format. The titles of sections have to be marked by Roman numbers, e.g. I, II, III, etc.
Though the first section of a business plan is “Executive Summary,” it is usually written in the last turn since it has to contain all the data provided in this piece of writing.

2. Start producing your plan with the description of your organization. Provide some features of your company and determine the market criteria needed for your services/products. Succinctly describe your potential consumers and the steps you are going to take to succeed.

For instance, if you are going to open a cake shop, you may describe it in the following way: “Jan’s cake shop is a small establishment concentrated on serving delicious cakes and tasty coffee. Everyone coming there will enjoy a pleasant atmosphere. Jan’s cake shop is located a couple of blocks from the central library. Everyone visiting the library will get an opportunity to study in a cozy place or just have some rest after classes or conferences. Being focused on providing superb products, friendly atmosphere, and excellent customer service, Jan’s cake shop pleasantly differs from other businesses.”

3. Make the analysis of the market. Here, you need to examine a particular market sector to be aware of all its peculiarities.
Include the data about the target market sector. You should be able to respond to such questions as “Who are your target consumers? What are their demands? How old are they and where do they live?”

Do not forget to include a competitive analysis which provides the data about the competitors in your market niche. Highlight strong and weak points of your competitors and possible influence on your company. Mind that this part of your plan is vital as it shows how your company will establish its position on the market benefiting from the competitors’ weak points.

4. Talk about the organizational mode and management of your company. In this section, you need to concentrate on chief staff. Provide data about business owners and the members of the management team.
Mention the experience of your team members. If either business owners or managers have extensive expertise in a respective business sector, state it as well.
In case any structural chart is available, provide it.

5. Characterize your products. What do you propose? Why do you consider your products quality? What advantages will customers when using your services? Which way are your products better than those of competitors?
Provide information about the life cycle of your goods. Do you intend to do some business design? Talk about all activities you are going to undertake to develop your business.

For instance, when preparing a business plan for a cake shop, you will be required to create a menu presenting information about your products. Before preparing a menu, you will need to compose a brief summary explaining how your menu makes you outshine other business in the same sector. For example, you may say, “In our cake shop, you will be able to try different types of cakes including sweet, fruit and even the salt ones. Owing to a wide variety of cakes that we offer, our company outshines other cake shops presented in the market.”

6. Devise your sales and marketing strategy. Here, you should explain what you intend to do to enter the market, interact with consumers, and distribute your goods.
Be precise when talking about your strategy. Will you use the services of sales representatives? Will you create advertisements on billboards or promote your products by means of social media?

7. Submit a funding request. It is necessary to include a funding request in your plan if you are going to use it to get financial support. Spell out what amount of money is needed to launch and run your business. Create a summary explaining how the starting capital will be invested. Impose a time frame for your request.

Collect financial statements to uphold your request for financial support. Note that you may need to hire an accountant or other specialists to cope with this task successfully.

The gathered financial statements should provide all financial data, balance sheets, prediction assertions, income and expenditures statements, etc. If to talk about one year, you need to present both monthly and quarterly statements. Then, yearly statements for each subsequent year. These documents should be in the Appendices of your business plan.
Provide projected cash flows for 6 years and the calculations depending on the discounted cash flows.

8. Produce an executive summary. It will serve as an introductory unit to your piece of writing. It should include the company mission, an overview of your products, potential consumers, and targets. This section has to be placed at the beginning of your plan.
Existing companies should provide the so-called historical data such as the date of business conceptualization, first achievements, etc.
The beginners should be concentrated on the analysis of a respective branch of industry and their funding targets. It is also necessary to talk about the corporate mode, funding demands, and equity for investors.
Both existing and new companies should present their achievements, some data about their available or potential consumers, and plans for the future.

Part III. Completing Your Business Plan.

1. Make an Appendix. This is the final unit of your paper used for providing some extra material. Prospective investors may desire to look through this section before making a final decision. The documents provided in this section should back up your statements presented in other sections.
Here, you need to provide financial statements, licenses, credit reports, contracts and other legal documents, and the employees’ resumes.

Talk about possible risks. It is important to have the section devoted to the risk factors influencing your business. This information will help readers realize whether you are properly prepared for some unpredictable issues.

2. Make a revision. Check your piece of writing for possible grammar and spelling errors. Scrutinize your writing project a few times to ensure it is flawless.

You may need to redo your business plan to see whether it is effective from the readers’ point of view. This is of immense importance if you are crafting a “Presentation Plan”.

Read your plan aloud. Thus, you will be able to identify improperly constructed sentences and see if any mistakes still occur.
Make a copy of your business plan and ask your friend to proofread it and give you feedback. In order to protect the ideas presented in your business plan, you may ask your friend to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

3. Make a title page. It will make your business plan completed.
The cover page should contain the words identifying the type of your writing project, i.e. “Business plan” which have to be bold and centered. Company name, its logo and contacts should be provided as well. Be clear.

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