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According to the World Population data sheet- 2009, published by the Population reference Bureau, the population of the world has crossed 7 billion. Young persons in the age group of 15 years to 24 years have risen to 1.2 billion. Around 140 million of these young persons live in developed countries where literacy rate is almost 100%. As per a rough estimation, students going to high schools, colleges and universities must be around 100 million. The world figure of such student could be around 500 million. The breakdown ratio of high school: college: university can be estimated to be in the ratio of 6:3:1.

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Almost all countries in the world has adopted a semester system in which at the end of a semester, students are asked to submit assignment papers such as essay, term paper, research paper, dissertation, case study, book report, book review, speeches, project reports etc. One can postulate that the ratio of students writing their own assignment without external assistance and those writing with external assistance should be around 1:9.  One can well suppose that there is a demand of custom papers in the range of millions every day of the year taking into account that semester’s periods are different in different countries.

The demand of buy essay writer is tremendous. This cannot be fulfilled by very few standard custom essay writing services. As it happens with every kind of goods and services, here also, there may be fake or substandard custom paper writing services almost in the ration of 100:1 with that of genuine custom essay writing service. One must be careful in selecting a genuine custom paper writing service.  That will make a great difference between good grades and bad grades. When you decide to buy essay writer, you must ascertain their creditability from among your seniors and alumni. You may draw inference yourself by dwelling into the website of good, bad and ugly custom paper writing services.

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Almost all students feel the need to buy essay writers. The genius and the most intelligent buy essay writers to enrich their own attempts and to check their standing in the world of writemanship. The brilliant students want to excel in all spheres of academic pursuits. As such they want to produce brilliant papers for their given assignments. They buy essay writers work to further upgrade their performance. The assistance of buy essay writers for an average student is obvious. They wish to acquire good grades in all the given assignments. In the entire above category there is one common denominator. Every student between the ages of 15 to 24 has an equally demanding personal and social life. If they neglect this significant segment of their activity then they will be discarded from the society as untouchables. Therefore, every student has to strike a balance between his every activity. He has to sacrifice some part of each activity to steer ahead towards a better future. In this stride, if he is intelligent and wise then he will not fail from taking assistance from external sources to finish his assignment job in hand. This will not be termed as academic dishonesty but shall be praised as academic smartness.

       Students have been found to be having two basic problems in writing assignment papers such as essay, term paper or research paper etc. which force them to buy essay writer. These are:

Essay Writing Takes Lot of Time and Effort

       Writing essay, term paper or research paper and the likes requires lot of reading. One has to read all materials available on the subject at least going twenty years in the past. In the age of internet, if one asks information on a very simple topic such as “Cancer” then there will be millions of sites offering various kind of information. Added to this are electronic papers and electronic books. They are also thousands in number. It takes considerable time to select sources and information that are relevant to a given topic. This is only a beginning. After that one has to note down texts, reports, quotes and findings in a systematic manner complete with referencing. The information so gathered has to be sieved to pick out the most likable material that would support the argument of the thesis. These arguments are to be supported by two or three examples with authentic referencing. For a 10 page essay, one has to accumulate anywhere between 100 to 150 pages of information. Essay writing process does not stop there. All the materials are to be written down in an orderly manner so that the thesis gets strength with resonating arguments. The entire essay is then composed in MS Word format with the instructed styling. A good ten page essay will require at least 10 days of uninterrupted effort.

No Time for other Activities

Essay writing snatches time out of other activities such as family activities, extracurricular school events, and peer entertainment

       Buy essay writer is therefore not a luxury but a necessity for an otherwise good student. The only aspect that remains to be examined is a good contact with a reliable custom paper writing service from where one could buy essay writer with confidence. You have one such website. Ask and ascertain from seniors and alumni. Visit and ask for a sample essay. Carefully critically appraise all its qualities. Now check up the price list and value added benefits. You shall find everything in order. After all is stamped its legal and reputed presence since last 10 years. is your oasis in the desert of fake and fraudulent custom paper writing service. Over the years it has accumulated an expertise of over 1000 talented writers mostly handpicked. These professional writers are native English writers having Masters and PhD qualification and over 10 years experience in writing custom papers for academic and non-academic sectors.  These writers are highly proficient in styling a custom paper in MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard or Turbian styles. They are also accustomed in interchanging styles of a custom paper.

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