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Beware of Foreign Websites!

With the explosion of internet-based academic writing services, students have a difficult time sorting through the information, promises, and guarantees of these companies, in order to locate one that is truly ethical and professional.

Many of these companies, indeed, are:

  1. Located in foreign countries where English is not the native language
  2. Outsourcing writing work to foreigners who are not native English-speaking academicians
  3. Providing works to clients that then have to be completely re-written because the construction and grammar are poor
  4. Delivering plagiarized works from existing databases and claiming that they are original

Do not place your academic career in jeopardy by placing important academic writing into the hands of inferior writers and unethical companies. With a little insight and investigation, you will be able to determine the legitimacy of a writing services company.

The following checklist will assist your investigation of any company you are considering:

  1. Does the company have a physical address in a country in which English is the official language?
  2. Can the company provide you proof of its incorporation? Many of these services are incorporated nowhere, and you will have no legal recourse should they take your money and produce either an inferior product, or, worse, nothing
  3. Be certain that there are working phone numbers for contact. Call the company and be certain that you are reaching a customer support department, not merely a billing service.
  4. There should be more than one way to communicate with representatives of the company – telephone, email, live chat, etc. Email only communication should be a red flag for you
  5. Pricing that seems to be extremely low is another red flag. A truly quality service will not be able to provide original academic works at bottom prices. Chances are you will receive a work from a database of pre-written products which have been sold to others many times over. Worse, these works may be written in poor English, requiring a complete re-write on your part.
  6. Request a written guarantee that your piece will be written by an English-speaking professional who is degreed in the content area.
  7. Check for a security logo on the site before you give any personal information or your credit card information for payment. Because some companies create these security logos themselves, check that the company is a listed member of Hacker SAFE on the ScamAlert site. provides all of the safeguards and guarantees that are listed above, because, quite simply, we have been in the business for years and have developed a reputation for our integrity and premier writing services. You will receive a completely original work, written by a degreed professional with perfect command of the English language. Whether you are looking for an essay, book review, critique, term or research paper, thesis or dissertation, we have a huge staff of degreed professionals ready to assist you. We have a physical address and a customer service department staffed by real people, to address any questions, issues or concerns you may have. Contact us today and see what a truly professional academic writing service can offer you!

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