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The Internet is full of sites that advertise themselves as being “custom writing services.” Each makes claims of writing expertise, but offers nothing to substantiate their claims. Students should remain objective and cautious when choosing a writing service, as these companies can cause them to pay prices much higher than they bargained for. There is one exception. is historically proven to be a legitimate writing service that offers high quality academic writing from a professionally operated enterprise. Our prices are affordable and our standards are high. We are a writing service that can be fully relied upon to give our customers the writing they need, when they need it.


Fraudulent Writing Services

No guarantees against plagiarism. Offer poor quality, stolen or plagiarized work. Writers are not native English speakers who make many errors in grammar and spelling.
Highly reputable, legitimate writing service consisting of native English speaking writers. Work is guaranteed against plagiarism.
Do not provide original work. Handing in plagiarized work can lead to being expelled from school!
Guarnatee of originality. All papers must pass strenuous anti-plagiarism check.
The same work sold over and over to different students.
100% original, custom written work that contains details that are given when customer places order.
Hidden fees, extra fees, fees for every extra detail. Advertised cheap prices turn out to be very expensive AND risky!
No hidden fees or extra charges ever. Full fee disclosure and many free benefits.
Writers who do not speak English as their mother tongue. Many grammar and spelling errors. Produce low quality, worthless work that gets poor grades.
Native English Speakers who are trained, professional writers.
Non-existent customer support, or support that is unknowledgeable and slow. Rude customer service agents.
Excellent, well-informed customer support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
No contact with writer allowed.
Students given the opportunity for direct communication with writer.
No guaranteed delivery time. Papers often returned late, so students are penalized or fail.
Guaranteed on-time delivery. Often, papers are delivered much earlier than deadline.

Our writing service is a rare find in the writing industry. We produce the highest possible quality writing, but still manage to cut back in other areas to assure affordable pricing for our customers. Each and every paper is fully guaranteed for customer satisfaction or a full refund will be given. We employ only the best, most highly-qualified writers and are reputed as having outstanding customer service. is the one online writing service that can be relied upon for high quality that is also affordable. We assist students from all over the world and have listened to their suggestions and comments since 1995. We continually strive to improve our writing service to be the very best that it can be.

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