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One of the most difficult essays for students to write is the critical essay (also knows as the critical analysis or the analysis essay).

These types of essays are a bit more difficult than other types, because three process steps are involved:

  1. The student is asked to read the writing of another, whether that be a piece of literature, an essay, a treatise, a report, etc.
  2. The student must then “take the piece apart,” and analyze both the actual content and the implied content or purpose of the author.
  3. The final step involves creating a logical, coherent, academically-sound piece that presents the analysis convincingly.

Critical essays become burdensome for students because, at times, they do not fully understand the writing they are supposed to analyze; sometimes, they simply do not have enough interest in the subject matter to analyze it thoroughly; or, there are certainly occasions when there is not enough time to complete the analysis essay by the instructor’s deadline.

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    As always, I can count on to never let me down. I had to place an emergency order and was worried that I had not given the writer enough time to do a good job. I was wrong. They did a tremendous job! Thanks ever so much!

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