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Imitation may be a good quality in some spheres but definitely not in writing. Plagiarism is a serious issue, which is highly monitored in all educational establishments. Some students think that this rule is not applicable to simple papers, such as essay, but they are totally wrong. Even the slightest sign of plagiarism can compromise your paper and you as a writer. For this reason, only non plagiarized essay can be a key to success.

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In addition, plagiarism is easy to detect. With professors being equipped with modern plagiarism detection software, it is not a problem for them to find the traces of fraud and give you the lowest mark. There are many ways professors may find out about plagiarism in your work. Here are some of them:

1. They use specific websites created for detecting plagiarism.
Such websites are used for checking students’ papers for plagiarism. One of the most popular and widely used websites include In order to find out whether the paper was plagiarized or not, a teacher only needs to become a member of the portal, upload a paper to it and wait for the result. The website gives unlimited access to its services and helps in checking all papers wither plagiarized or non-plagiarized. The result will show what parts were copied from other sources and will also show what exactly sources were used.

2. Usage of plagiarism detection software.
The other way to trace plagiarism is to use individual plagiarism programs. These programs can be bought online and they allow professors to use it anytime and anywhere for checking academic papers. Eve2 is an example of such program. It is one of the easiest ways to check whether a paper is plagiarized or non plagiarized essay.

3. Manual check.
Some professors do not even need any software to understand that the paper was plagiarized. In this case, they make use of their experience and awareness about students’ writing styles. Besides, it can be seen whether the paper was plagiarized by accessing the references provided at the end of it. If they feel that the paper is plagiarized, they can go further and use some software to prove they are right.

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It is not as difficult for professors to distinguish plagiarism free essays from plagiarized ones as it may seem. After checking hundreds of papers during their work with students, they can easily say what paper is original and which one is copied. Besides, they can recognize papers with plagiarism if different citations are used but no references are provided. On the other hand, it is also easy to say that the paper is not plagiarized, as it is properly structured and formatted and also contains citations to direct and paraphrased quotes.

Copying information is the easiest way to get your paper done fast and to make it sound academic. However, it is very risky at the same time. Considering that each writing assignment is aimed at testing writing skills of each particular student, such approach towards writing is not always the best one. Plagiarism in papers leads not only to low grades but very often to exclusion from college or university. The deal is that plagiarism is considered cheating and cheating is not the best way to build your academic career.

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Submitting a plagiarized order means:

1. Getting low mark
If the paper you submit is far from non plagiarized essay, it may negatively influence the final grade. In case you submit a paper like that, you may, in the best case, be asked to rewrite the paper within an indicated deadline or get the lowest mark possible for your attempt to cheat. In both cases you will have to take responsibility for your actions either by spending additional hours on redoing your work or by ruining your academic performance and getting a grade you cannot undo.

2. Getting fined
Plagiarizing may have much more serious consequences than just receiving a low grade. In some instances people who plagiarize can be penalized for their actions. It is done for damage and inconveniences caused by using materials of other authors without giving a proper credit. It may have negative consequences for the future career of a person who plagiarizes and leave a taint on his/her background forever.
In some instances people were even incarcerated for plagiarizing, as it may be considered as stealing of other person’s work.

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