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The International Baccalaureate (IB) extended essay is clear explanations of what students will later get busy with in college or university. This piece of writing provides students with the experience of studying they are interested in, and providing them with a unique chance to do their researches, formulate certain arguments, and structure pieces of evidence in support of their arguments. It is aimed at communicating one’s considerations, and sometimes the help of professional IB extended essay experts are required. Why? Well, as it is a very complicated task. Thus, why not consider buying professional Extended Essay writing service in case you have got in an pleasant situation? Promises are always kept

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What Is an Extended Essay? The Definition

An extended essay (also referred to as an EE) usually comprises a 4000-word piece of writing on the topic chosen, which may take various forms. Take into account that what your future EE will look like in the end depends on the chosen topic. Some students prefer to compose their extended essays in literature, history, or art, which implies they complete a more traditional and average academic piece of writing. However, you may conduct a specific experiment and present your results in your essay. Or you may try and find an effective solution to an arithmetic equation if you are going to major in mathematics. As long as an academic format is followed, everything is awesome!

IB Extended Essay Guide: Key Steps

How to Make Your Order of the Superb-quality Extended Essay Writing Service: Practical Tips as well as Recommendations
Below are key practical tips whenever you work on your original Extended Essay. Carefully keep to our tips and recommendations if you would like to get an A mark!

#1: Dwell on Something that Bring You Satisfaction
#2: Choose the Topic Which Is Neither Too Narrow Nor Too Broad
#3: Choose a Supervisor Who Is Well Familiar With the Topic Selected
#4: Ensure Your Piece of Writing Has a Required Structure and Format
#5: Start Working on Your Essay as quickly as possible!

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The body of any essay is aimed at investigating, analyzing, and composing

After the research question(s) has been formulated and tested, it is necessary to collect primary or secondary data. Then the data collected is to be analyzed thoroughly. The research results may be included into an appendix as well as referred to in the main sections of the work. The data may be summarized in tables, charts, or figures. The research outcomes ought to be evaluated against essential relevant concepts and explicated in the work of yours.

It is an excellent idea to present the arguments, considerations, structure, as well as headings before you start writing. It is recommended that everything should be presented logically and clearly. The relevant and correct terminology should be utilized.

The introduction & conclusion of the extended essay

The draft of the essay introduction may be composed at an early or final stage. After you have collected, analyzed and evaluated all the data, the introduction may be adjusted to suit your piece of writing. The introduction sought to explicate why the research question(s) is worthwhile studying, and how it is related to the subject.

The conclusion should be composed at the very end. It is recommended to avoid including any additional or new research, analysis, or material. It ought to summarize what has been stated in the work.

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The abstract as well as the final sections of Your Extended Essay

The majority of students are to prepare the abstract, comprising 150-300-words. It should be composed of the research question, a very summary of the analysis, as well as the answer to the set research question in your paper.

Students should also prepare the title page, the table of contents, the list of references or bibliography, as well as appendices (for instance, comprising any data). The word limit or word count should strictly be followed.

Deadlines for the essay preparation

The IB deadlines differ for every educational institution, and students are informed about all the requirements in advance. 4000 words may not all be composed during one or two days before the set deadline. Thus, careful and thorough planning is required to avoid failures or misunderstandings. Thus, it is necessary to be in constant and detailed communication with supervisors or relevant authorities. This may allow you to ensure every section is composed according and within the time-frames set.

The viva voce interviews

A viva voce interview is brief interview with your supervisors, in which they usually require that their students should dwell on the strengths, successes or weaknesses of their research findings. There is nothing to get worried about. It is just something that could be greatly enhanced with decent preparation and thoroughly thinking in advance. They always ensure that each essay has not been plagiarized!

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Useful piece of advice

The majority of modern students usually make mistakes in deciding on the spot, by choosing a spontaneous topic or field of research. In case there is a fascinating subject that students consider studying at college or university, it is recommended to delve into it very deeply and substantially. The finished piece of writing could assist with the university or college application or the interview. Take into account that as long as the research question may be tested by means of the data collected and your supervisor considers it is plausible, it is high time to make emphasis on more exciting alternative. The subjects learnt are useful in order to approach various real-life issues, and knowing that it can assist in keeping motivation up. Learning to start asking, “Have I had enough data collected on this issue?”, or “What could the following data allow concluding for the moment?” should not be underestimated!

What is Referred to as Grading Break-down?

Criterion A: Specific focus as well as methods applied (5 points) – the Choice of the Topic; Research aim, objectives and question(s); Methodology and design; sources utilized. The introduction is an appropriate place for doing this.

Criterion B: Precise knowledge and clear understanding (5 points) - How excellent you are capable of demonstrating the knowledge acquired - Understanding of the info in the research - The appropriate terminology application

Criterion C: Analytical Thinking (15 points) - Is the research conducted relevant and up to date? – Discussing, evaluating and analyzing the evidence established

Criterion D: The Presentation and formatting (5 points) - Cover Page; Table of Contents; Spacing; Page numbering; Font & its size; Bibliography; Word count.

Criterion E: Clear Reflections (10 points) - Were you engaged with the preparation of your piece of writing? - Have your reflections showed the engagement of yours?

The above criteria taken from the Oxford IB Diploma Extended Essay Guide published in 2018

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