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Affiliate program

Affiliate program

If you are interested in earning a 10% share of every order your friends place with, please continue reading to learn about our affiliate program. You simply need to introduce other people to our company, and in doing so, they will get an attractive “new customer” discount while you get 10% from each order they place!

To get your earnings kick-started, you need to be a customer of our services yourself. At the time of placing your first order via our website, you will need to set up a user account within which we will provide an affiliate link or one-off promotional code that entitles anyone you share it with to a reduction on their first order with our writing service. All you have to do is share this discount code or clickable link with people you know by whatever means you prefer e.g. email, etc. If recipients use the code or link provided by you, the orders system at will register the information i.e. that the order was initiated by you.

In following the link or code you shared, our order form will appear to the recipient and the discount code will be applied to their order. This part of the process is automated and it is how the recipients of the code or link sent by you will get their new customer discount from
Your share of the transaction i.e. 10% per referred order will be added to your user account when the customer has paid for their order and the process is complete. Money earned in this way can be offset against any future orders you may want to place with our company.

Thus, to sum it all up, you just need to invite your friends to use a code or referral link you send to them. As soon as they follow your link or use the code, they will get their first order at a reduced rate while you earn money. You will not beat this great offer!

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