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If you devote sufficient time to compose a list of survey questions, you will get reliable and quality evidence and qualitative data for your study. With the help of the questionnaire, you will be able to extract reliable and trusted responses from respondents, which will help you read your research goals. First of all, before composing a questionnaire, you need to understand the principles and structure of questionnaire writing. Second, you have to come up with the types of questions you want to use in your survey. It is recommended to use both open-ended and closed-ended questions in order to get reliable data apart from deriving information from some fixed responses. Closed-ended questions relate to multiple-choice questions, yes/ no questions, rating scales, and others. Further, after you have decided on the types of questions you ask, you need to pay sufficient attention to the formulation of questions. If you have no idea how to ask questions in your survey or questionnaire, do not hesitate to address our questionnaire writing service for help.

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You can fully rely on our company's professionals for premium-quality help. Check out what we will help you with:

  • How to write neutral unbiased questions in a survey or a questionnaire?
  • How to reach a balanced set of questions?
  • How not to ask more than one thing in one question?
  • How to compose clear and effective closed-ended questions?
  • How to ensure diversity of different question types within one survey?
  • How to know when a survey is effective?

What is a Questionnaire?

A questionnaire is one of the research instruments that are used for obtaining qualitative data related to some specific topic. A questionnaire is sent out to respondents, who are the target population of some specific research. In turn, by answering the given questions, they can provide some real evidence that can later be analyzed and evaluated into some statistical data. When it comes to research questionnaire writing, it should be composed both of closed-ended and open-ended questions. The former provide a limited number of options where you choose the answer that refers to your mindset. The latter, however, enables the respondent to provide own extended answer to the given question.

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How to Write a Questionnaire?

Writing a questionnaire that is considered successful and effective is always about structure and proper format. Crafting a questionnaire is a must before you start formulating questions. The best way to craft it is to plan it and visualize in your mind what it will look like.

Wonder how to do that? - Our expert writers will provide you with some basic guidelines. First, think of the core research purpose of your study. Second, try to define what kind of data you need. Third, think of the ways you want to analyze the data. Last but not least, compose a list of questions that you consider to be most helpful when it comes to deriving information from respondents.

Check out some of the guidelines offered by our company's professionals:

1. Consider who your target respondents will be.

When it comes to survey writing, keep in mind that its underlying purpose is to gather information from people. Therefore, the questions that you ask should be clear and comprehensible for the target respondents. Pay attention to the educational and professional background of your respondents. Make sure that the questions do not have any sophisticated terms and concepts.

2. Formulate questions in the right way.

The length of the questionnaire should fully correspond to the requirements. Every question should bring some meaning and value – you should not definitely provide a lot of questions that repeat one another just because you have specific word count limits to adhere to. Ideally, a questionnaire is considered to be successful only when each question has its own purpose that contributes to the overall research value. Each question should ask about one specific aspect or thing, and it should be formulated in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

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What can help you formulate questions effectively is when you get into your respondent's head. Normally, a respondent sees a questionnaire this way:

  • The respondent looks at the questions, reads them through, and identifies information that should be provided.
  • Afterwards, the respondent starts searching for those details in their mind.
  • The next step is to evaluate the information and make judgments about it whether it can be shared/ whether it is relevant, etc.
  • The judgment is then transformed into one of the options that are provided on the answers' list.

The wording you use for formulating questions should be as clear as possible. The words you choose should not be dubious or confusing in meaning. All respondents should be able to understand the questions in the same way. More so, the options provided for answering should be mutually exclusive and should not repeat one another. All questions need to be as specific as possible, and they should be structured clearly.

Pay attention to the range of questions you provide. If you have added only closed-ended questions to your questionnaire and they are of the same kind (for example, all of them are multiple-choice or yes/ no questions), it is highly likely that the respondents will easily get bored and will pay less attention to the questions. Therefore, mix different questions so that your respondents stay tuned. When you ask open-ended questions, the data you derive will be more versatile and they may present the topic from a variety of perspectives. You will be able to get more precise qualitative information. When asking closed-ended questions, you will get more structured answers, but all of them will be limited in the responses. Since open-ended questions have some other specifics, namely, they require a respondent to take some time to think and then to formulate the answer, it is recommended to place them in a separate section after you have asked all closed-ended questions.

3. Pre-test your survey or questionnaire.

It is strongly advisable to pre-test your questionnaire before you send it out to your respondents. You will be able to test it, see how much time it takes for one to cope with it, find out whether there are questions that are confusing or unclear. Moreover, you will be able to spot any errors or fallacies, and thus correct them in advance. On this testing stage, you can ask your colleague, friend, group mate or family member for an honest feedback. Try to figure out how it was for them to answer the questions: whether it was easy to understand, whether there were confusing aspects, and so on.

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Structure of a Questionnaire

When it comes to questionnaire writing, structure is an essential thing to follow if you want to achieve success. Without a doubt, structuring a questionnaire is a time-consuming process that takes up much effort and energy. Questionnaires differ depending on the academic complexity level, for example whether it should be written on a high school, college or university level, as well as they differ in terms of the topic and the very research field you specialize in.

Since a questionnaire is usually a complementary assignment to some research project, it is essential to read the research paper prompt carefully and fully understand what the purpose of the research is and what findings you are required to derive. After that, you need to come up with a list of questions (as mentioned previously – open-ended and closed-ended ones).

On the whole, the structure of the questionnaire should be as follows:

  • A title.
  • Introduction.
  • Questions.
  • Closing paragraph.

When you want to place a questionnaire order from us, be sure that you have to mention the topic, the number of questions, and the types of questions you prefer among other details.

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