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What Is a Movie Review?

A movie review is a brief description of the film, which includes a short overview of its plot, and, most significantly, gives an evaluation of the movie from different perspectives. There are many websites that contain such reviews, and there are actually people who write movie reviews for money, as they help the viewers to decide on which film to watch. You probably also use them before buying a movie or going to a cinema, so you must have an idea of this sort of writing.

Why buy a movie review?

You must be thinking that there is nothing too complicated in composing a review for a film: you watch the movie; you write what you think about it, done! However, in reality, it takes much more than that to write movie reviews. One needs to present a logical analysis of the story and critically assess the film within its genre, using convincing arguments. Moreover, the review has to be of a proper structure and format. As you can see, sometimes it is better to trust this task to professionals who write reviews for money instead of spending all the time on learning how to do it on your own.

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Advantages of Working with Our Team

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Writing a Successful Movie Review Essay

To compose an effective film review, one needs to keep a balance between sharing the subjective opinion about the movie and providing an objective critique of its elements. Following this rule will ensure that your review is informative for the readers and expressive enough in terms of feelings and emotions.

While watching the film, pay attention to such details as direction, music, chronology of events, acting, etc. to be able to evaluate all these aspects in your paper. It can be useful to note down the things that you find meaningful or important. The curious moments from the film need to be pointed out, as they will help to interest the audience. However, do not include too many descriptions and details into your work, as you do not want the review to contain spoilers. Give a general characteristics of the plot and acting, and do not specify much.

Movie Review Structure

Just like any other written assignment, a movie review has certain elements that it consists of. The list below contains most of such elements, which can become sections of your paper:

  • Description
  • Synopsis
  • Your perception
  • Critical analysis
  • Conclusion

However, movie review does not demand too formal structure, which means that the elements can be rearranged or altered. This will depend on the individual instructions you have, or on the rubric you receive from your professor.

While analyzing the movie, you need to address the elements of the plot, to demonstrate the full understanding of the film and provide its complex evaluation. Remember to tackle the following aspects in your review, with the help of the questions for self-check that we have prepared.

1. Exposition. How did the plot start? Was it dynamic? What effect does it have on viewers?
2. Rising action. What preceded the main events in the film? Is the action rising gradually or rapidly? Which tools did the director use to show it?
3. Climax. What was the most intense moment in the story? Did it divide the plot into two sections? If yes, how are they different?
4. Falling action. Did the director pay enough attention to unknotting the plot? Which events help to lower the tension in the plot at this stage?
5. Closure. What followed in the end of the story? Which direction does it give to the audience emotionally? Was the ending appropriate? Did it suit the chain of events and the general mood of the movie?

Re-watch and Review

It often takes more than one film session to analyze the movie properly. While watching the film for the first time, you get the general idea and subside to your impressions and emotions. In fact, it is advisory to relax at this stage and just comprehend the story and effects, as this will allow you to be closer to the viewers and have a better understanding of what to suggest to them. In contrast, while watching it for the second time, you can focus on the details and subtle aspects that were overlooked at first, and consider them while composing your review. Besides, before the second round, think about what may be unclear for the viewers, and pay a special attention to those aspects during re-watching. In case you feel that something is still unclear, it also may be useful to read the history of this film’s creation.

Break a Leg!

Overall, we hope that our tips gave you a better understanding of how to deal with movie review writing effectively. In case you still have questions or need assistance with this type of writing, is always glad to accept your call and place an order for you.

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