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  • He may have taken the task to be quite easy which could be completed at leisure within a short period of time.
  • He may have begun to gather information to write his assignment but he found that sources and information are not easy to gather from available resources.
  • He may have started to write his assignment but he found himself unable to lay down facts and figures coherently.
  • He is unable to properly cite and reference sources.
  • His language is weak and he fears numerous mistakes in spelling and grammar.
  • His is not sure about selection of words to express his thoughts.
  • He had allotted time slots to each of his assignments but he now finds that some assignment are taking too much of the time.
  • He had to participate in an athletic event far away from his home. On return, he finds little time to complete his assignments.
  • He had fallen ill.
  • He had to attend to his ailing parents.
  • He had to work overtime at his place of employment.
  • He does not understand the topic at all.
  • He dislikes sitting for hours for gathering sources and writing assignment.

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  1. Solicit information from your seniors and alumni.
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  3. Ask for a sample essay for appraisal.

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