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There might have been several occasions when your friend or a student in your neighbourhood has complained of a completely off the track essay. When you checked it yourself then you found that the essay content has nothing relevant with the topic. You must be remembering that time when you purchased a custom essay from a certain custom essay writing service and submitted the same to your professor. Next day you were summoned and handed back your submitted essay as it was highly plagiarised. You had been let off very easily. Teachers and professors take it very seriously when they find plagiarism in a submitted assignment. Why don’t you buy pre written essays? You can get such pre written essays from that is 100% original. When you buy pre written essays then you have ample time to go through them. If it is up to your expectation then submit it forthwith. If you feel that certain modification is in order then you can ask to do it immediately. If you want to do it yourself then you have enough time to do it since pre written essays can be handed in shortest possible time.

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A student has to strike a balance between academic pursuits and other diverse activities. If he neglects his studies then his career will be affected. If he discards his personal, family and social obligations then he will be an outcast. Moreover a balanced life style always keeps a student healthy, stress-free and cheerful. Student can buy pre written essays to lighten the academic work load. has equipped its custom paper writing service with adequate number of highly talented writers along with an auxiliary staff of editors, proof readers, managers etc.  Custom paper writing service is in stream like motion without any hindrances or difficulty. You have only to place your order to buy pre written essays and the ball begins rolling in a roller coaster motion.  The modus operandi may surprise you. has created a database for all type of probable topics on a given subject. There are more than 10,000 topics in every subject stream to choose from. This data base is upgraded and enriched by newer and upcoming topics.  We have over 1000 writers spread uniformly over 100 odd subjects. They write essay, term paper, dissertation, case study, project report, research paper, book reports, book reviews etc. on topic of their choice. You may be aware that it is always a pleasure to write on a topic of your choice and your knowledge. Alas, some teachers have no such enlightenment!

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When you place an order to buy pre written essays then there is every possibility that exactly essay or other paper on the ordered topic is available with us. There are sometimes minor variations such as “An Adventure”, “A Space Adventure” or “Adventure to the Moon”. In all the three topics you have to describe an adventure. The only difference is in the degree of specifics. Our writer, in such instances know that a pre written essay has to be modified by at least 30 to 35 % to exactly fit the mould of the given topic. This saves a lot of time.

       When you buy pre written essays, you get an added advantage of the price. Pre written essays are always cheap. This is because such essays have liberty of time and effort. A writer shall write it when he is in good spirit and he finds solid source and information on the topic. You have also another advantage. As soon as you are asked to write an assignment you can order to buy pre written essays. You are not being crushed by an approaching deadline. You give a large deadline. Express orders and standard order have different price tags. You get your order on time with wide elbowroom to read and practice the paper for presentation.

We are very particular about plagiarism. Plagiarism shall ruin your career and simultaneously it shall ruin our business. Who would like to have short time benefits with plagiarism? We have one of the most advanced software to detect plagiarism. Our writers write from the scratch. They write in their own words taking hints from the notes in their diary or scribbling pads.  But, it is also a fact that perfect writers have identical bank of vocabularies and phrases. Therefore it is worthwhile to check any duplication and make such minor corrections for unintended and uncalled for plagiarism. We enclose a copy of the anti plagiarism certificate along with the order.

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