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Argumentative Essay Topics List


 Being a student, you will have to complete many argumentative papers showing your ability to collect, interpret, and analyze information suggesting good argumentation for your position. Of course, to write great argumentative papers, the student needs to work with the good college essay topics. If you lack the ideas for writing or just want to look through the good essay topics to boost your inspiration, feel free to read our list and you will definitely find something catching. Along with the essay topics list, we are going to provide you with helpful tips and suggestions on how to select a great topic for an argumentative essay. Be attentive and learn the secrets that will help you turn into a proficient writer.

How to Select a Good Topic?

Some students prefer to have the topic assigned manually by the professor as it helps them save their precious time on choosing the topic. However, we assure you that choosing the topic on your own is a privilege that allows picking up the research subject that fits your interests. No doubt, choosing an exceptional topic, you will enjoy the writing process in full. In particular, you will passionately gather new interesting information about the subject and then organize your findings into a well-structured paper.

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Remember that all your arguments do not have any theoretical and practical value until you support them with accurate evidence. Use direct or indirect quotes of other scholars to back up your arguments but don't forget to cite them in accordance with the formatting style requested by your instructor. Due to its nature, writing an argumentative essay requires thorough work with credible academic sources. For instance, you may work with the peer-reviewed academic journals, textbooks, scientific publications, newspapers, books, and other sources.

One more secret that will help you choose a great topic is that it should not be too broad. In an argumentative paper, the student needs to choose a specific position and support it with good evidence. Choosing the topic that will be too broad, you will be unfocused jumping from one argument to another. However, at the same time, the topic should not be too narrow to allow you to discuss your research subject in detail. So, let's find out what good research essay topics will help you create winning papers.


Argumentative Essay Topics List

1. Why students should study foreign languages in the 21st century? What are the obvious benefits of being bilingual?
2. Do you agree that high education has to be free? Support your position with a strong evidence base;
3. Do you agree that the student should be able to choose the subjects to study? Explain your position in detail;
4. Should internet access be limited to adolescents? Do you believe that specific restrictions will help improve the situation?
5. Do you think that Shaquille O’Neal is still a basketball star?
6. Alcohol beverages should not be sold after 10 P.M. Pros and cons of this decision;
7. Discuss the effectiveness of SAT and ACT tests in education;
8. Evaluate the main advantages of swimming;
9. Do you agree that court proceedings should be documented for public access?
10. How do you think alcohol usage can be controlled?
11. What is the best age for having a right to vote? Explain your answer;
12. Do you think that the contemporary grading system existing in the educational institutions helps improve the academic performance of the student?
13. Discuss the main benefits and shortcomings of the MBA program;
14. Indicate the risks the developed countries can face in terms of changing climate conditions;
15. Do you think that internet censorship is an efficient measure?
16. Do you agree that advanced technology is limiting human creativity? Why?
17. Discuss the impact of smartphones on human life. Do they make people lonelier?
18. Do you agree that YouTube owners should impose some restrictions on their content?
19. Discuss the main advantages and disadvantages of democracy;
20. Being a leader: an art or a born talent?
21. Why some people are beyond the law? Are there any sound reasons for that?
22. Do you agree that the current public school policies need to be changed? Explain your answer;
23. Analyze the main causes of tsunamis and their major consequences;
24. Do you think that Theodore Roosevelt was right when building the Panama Canal?
25. Do you support Donald Trump's anti-immigration policy? What would you improve about it?
26. Is contemporary music meaningful? Make a comparative analysis of the contemporary Hip Hop music and the music of 1990ies;
27. Is cinematography an art? How can it teach or inspire the audience? Explain your answer providing good examples.
28. Should parents be stricter with their children? What is your position towards physical punishment?
29. What do you think about the legalizing of medical marijuana? Are you for or against this policy?
30. What is your position towards graffiti as a form of art? Are these people artists or vandals?
31. Can the person succeed in doing the tasks that are not interesting?
32. What is your position regarding abortions?
33. Discuss the key ways for prevention the global warming effects;
34. Is the less time spent in office a good strategy for increasing the company's productivity?
35. What is your position regarding social movements? Should they be financed by the government?
36. Do you believe that cloning is the successful invention of the 21st century?
37. What is your position regarding the cross-cultural marriages? What are the risks caused by these marriages?
38. Indicate the roles of a man and a woman in a marriage? Do you support the traditional roles?
39. Do you agree that people become too dependent on advanced technology?
40. Explain why Elon Musk can be considered as the greatest innovator in the 21st century. Is Mars exploration real?
41. Do you agree that violent video games need to be prohibited?
42. Discuss the main pros and cons of Monarchy;
43. Do you agree that education became too commercial nowadays? Explain your answer providing good examples;
44. What are the main advantages and disadvantages of the US education system in comparison with the Chinese one?
45. Should college athletes be free from taking various texts and examinations?
46. Discuss the negative effects of diets. What is the most effective way to lose weight?
47. How can society overcome psychological disorders? Discuss anorexia nervosa in detail;
48. What is the importance of good sleep? In what way do sleep habits influence human lives?
49. Discuss the relation of healthy food, sport, and well-being;
50. Analyze the role of physical education in the contemporary US education system;
51. Is hockey the most dangerous sport? Support your answer with good evidence;
52. Explain your position regarding the energetic drinks. Are they illegal?
53. What is the most appropriate age to start smoking or drinking alcohol? What would you change in legislation about these issues?
54. Do you agree that people should not be allowed to smoke in public places?
55. In what way should the ruining of the rainforests be punished?
56. Discuss the main advantages and disadvantages of globalization?
57. Make a thorough investigation on which species should be included in the Red Book.
58. Do you think that the government should interfere in the issue of same-sex marriages?
59. What qualities should a good political leader have?
60. In what ways should people battle racism and other forms of discrimination?

Undoubtedly, the list of good essay topics is not limited to the ones mentioned above. Just use your inspiration and you will be able to impress your instructor!

How to Choose an Effective Argumentative Paper Topic?

If you want to create the paper that will delight even the most demanding reader, make sure to follow the tips and suggestions given below:

Brainstorm. If you are allowed to choose the topic for your argumentative paper, do not pick up the first topic suggested by Google. Remember that the more time you spend on choosing a good topic, the easier the writing process will be;

Pick up the topic that is relevant. Of course, historical argumentative essay topics can be very interesting, however, we assure you that choosing the topic that is outdated, you won't be able to catch the attention of your reader. Perhaps, you have heard some rumor that would help you create an incredible argumentative essay?

Make sure your topic is familiar to many people and there are different viewpoints about it. Try to guess the needs of your target audience and address them in your topic;

When picking the topic that outlines a specific problem, make sure it is not solved yet. Nobody wants to learn obvious statements. To engage your reader, your viewpoint should be intriguing and non-standard;

Do not choose a topic that does not cause any arguments. Pay attention that a good argumentative topic should cause a discussion. Ideally, your paper should address a global problem that is rather controversial. In this regard, any topic related to politics is a good choice;

Try to skip the topics in which all parties reach an agreement. At the same time, you need to try to skip the argumentative essay topics with religious or racial backgrounds because they are pretty sensitive.

How to Organize an Argumentative Research Paper?

If you have understood the importance of good argumentative essay topics, it's time to learn how your paper should be structured. If you want to have a simple outline of the writing process that would indicate the key steps you need to take, find it below.

1. Gather the necessary information. Make sure to find enough evidence to support your arguments. Work with the most credible academic sources;

2. Create an outline that will include the key ideas that will be discussed in your paper;

3. Write a rough draft for your argumentative paper;

4. Revise your draft. This stage is particularly important as it allows finding all the flaws compromising the quality of your paper. When finding the awkward or irrelevant parts, make sure to delete or paraphrase them.

5. Proofread. Do not submit your argumentative paper before you proofread it making sure it is absolutely free from any grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes.

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Although writing an argumentative research paper may seem pretty simple: research, write, and revise, we assure you that it may turn into a great challenge, especially if the student does not have good writing and research skills. However, we guarantee that constant practice will enable you to become a better writer. Thus, do not hesitate to study all the professor's comments if your paper did not bring you the best grade. After all, learning from mistakes is the best strategy to become more mature and knowledgeable.

If you have no time or relevant skills to work on your argumentative paper or you just have no idea how to select good argumentative essay topics, you can always hire experienced academic writers working at We have been creating high-quality academic papers, including argumentative essays, for many years. In the writing field, you won't find the company with a better price and quality balance. We are working 24/7 for your convenience! Contact us now and make a huge contribution to your successful academic performance!

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