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5-paragraph Essays

A 5-paragraph essay is the standard assignment given by the vast majority of high school and college instructors.  No matter what the topic or purpose, a 5-paragraph essay must include an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph.  This is standard, acceptable construction, but many students struggle with producing essays because they are:

  1.  Unsure about their ability to structure and write an essay correctly
  2.  Dislike the topic or the purpose and are therefore unmotivated
  3.  Unable to organize their thoughts into a coherent work that flows logically and exhibits good formal English, including transitions, correct grammar usage, fluent style, and compelling ideas. is here to help!  Let our professional writers provide you the expert assistance to produce beautifully composed, impeccably-written essays on any topic imaginable.  Our writers are all academicians, most of them current or retired teachers and professors, who know exactly what your teacher or professor wants.  Whether the essay relates to literature, politics, history, sociology, science, computer technology, or is simply for an English Comp class, we have exactly the writer you need!  These writers have years of experience creating perfect essays for students at all academic levels and on any topic.

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We guarantee that your essay will be wholly original, written after you order it, and not cut and pasted or copied from any database of existing essays, like most writing services operate.  Once you order your essay, we assign an individual writer to create it, and you will be delivered a product that is 100% original, guaranteed.  Once you have had the opportunity to review the work, you have the right to request any revisions, which, of course, are completed at no additional charge to you.  Our goal is your satisfaction, and we do not consider our work for you completed until you are fully pleased with the result.

For an experienced writer, a 5-paragraph essay is not a monumental task.  For a student who is struggling with the very task of writing or with an overwhelming schedule, it can be drudgery.  Let us relieve you of that drudgery and provide you with an essay you will be proud to submit.

Cause and Effect Essay

A cause and effect essay is a common assignment for a variety of courses a student may take both in high school and at the university level.  The key to creating an effective cause and effect essay is to demonstrate that specific effects logically flow from certain causes and, in some instances, these effects become causes for a next set of effects.  Thus, careful logic must be delineated, in order to prove the cause-effective hypothesis or hypotheses.

Students struggle with cause and effect essays, not necessarily because they cannot see the cause-effect relationships but, rather, because they have difficulty translating their thoughts into the written word.  If this is you, or you are simply facing an overwhelming amount of coursework, take a moment to order you essay from us and relieve yourself of at least one stressor in your life! has been in the business of providing high school and university level students with essays for decades.  We have refined our processes and procedures so that an original custom written essay on any topic can be created for you, written according to the specifications, requirements and guidelines of even the most discerning instructor.  We have literally thousands of clients who return to us over and over again, because we produce first-rate works, at reasonable cost, and abide by very strict policies and guarantees.

Your cause and effect essay will be produced by one assigned writer who is degreed in the subject matter of the content and who is an experienced, degreed professional.  No essay is written until it is ordered, and no essay leaves us that is not 100% original and perfectly written.  This is our guarantee, and we live by it!

Should you wish to write you own cause and effect essay, we can provide you with examples of exemplary ones, so that you may use them as models as you create your own.  Whatever the level of your need, we can accommodate you.

Classification Essay

A classification essay is a unique work that relates to categorizing objects, people, life forms, or ideas based upon specific criteria.  While one may think that this type of essay is not common, it is far more common than most students realize.  For example, once “terrorism” is defined, how are specific acts of violence classified with respect to that definition?  Writing an essay that develops all forms of terrorism and then classifies specific acts or groups into those categories, can be a complicated task, requiring a great deal of thought and organization.

If you have been assigned a classification essay, and are struggling with the organization, structure, content, or fluency, let us help you with the task. writers have vast experience with this type of essay writing and, based upon the topic, we have a writer who is fully capable of producing an excellent piece, meeting your needs and fitting all of the specifications you provide.  An effective and academically-sound classification essay will be delivered to you on time, with our complete guarantee of originality and confidentiality for you. 

If you wish to write your own classification essay but remain unsure of the structure, we can provide you with exemplary examples of such essays, written by our premier staff writers.  You may use these examples as models to write your own, or, if you like what you see, order a custom written one from us.  It’s fast, simple, and reasonable.

Buy a classification essay from us today – you will have a product you will be proud to submit!

Comparison/Contrast Essay

Instructors love to assign comparison/contrast essays because it allows them to evaluate your ability to engage in some higher-level thinking and to translate that thinking into writing.   Because there are several different methods of structuring a comparison/contrast essay, students often struggle with coherency and fluency factors, both critical elements in the essay’s effectiveness.  If you are struggling with this type of essay, allow our experienced writers to create one for you.  You provide the topic, and we assign exactly the appropriate writer for the task.  Each assigned writer will begin an essay only after it has been ordered, because we insist upon 100% originality and complete customization to the client’s specifications.  Your delivered essay will be an original – guaranteed!  It will be delivered by your deadline and according to each specification you provide in the order.  Stop stressing, and let take care of this task for you!

Deductive/Inductive Essay

While most students think of deduction and induction in terms of science, the use of these reasoning skills actually cross all content areas, and a deductive essay or an inductive essay may be assigned in almost any course.  If you are struggling with the thinking processes involved or simply are at a loss of how to organize such an essay, let us help you! can provide exactly the correct degreed professional to write your essay and to do so in an impeccable manner.  You place your order, provide the topic and all other pertinent specifications, and we will assign one writer to complete the task.  You will receive a product that withstands the scrutiny of even the most critical instructor.  It will be organized, systematic, and written with perfect formal English.  Further, your essay is guaranteed to be completely original, never to be found anywhere, and your confidentiality will never be breeched.  Let us write your deductive or inductive essay  - you will be glad you found us!

Definition Essay

On the surface, a definition essay may seem easy.  When several paragraphs are required, however, the task soon becomes far more difficult than one has first imagined, and the concept of an extended definition suddenly rears its head.  The student becomes overwhelmed and frustrated attempting to find the correct structure and content, content which may, indeed, involve some research.  If you are struggling with writing a definition essay, struggle no more.  We have a team of expert degreed writers who are fully versed in this essay type and who can create an original customized definition essay for you. has been providing students the world over with premier quality, 100% original essays for decades.  You can place your full trust in us, and we will come through for you.  Order your definition essay today, provide the topic and all other important details, and we will assign a writer to the task immediately.  Relax!  Your essay is in good hands!

Literature Essay

A literature essay can take many forms and styles.  Basically, when you read a piece of literature, an instructor may then assign any number of essays relative to that piece.  Examples may be, “Discuss the conflict,” “Write a character analysis,” “Identify and discuss the theme or themes,”  “What is the point of view of the author,” “Discuss the symbolism,” etc.  Literature is complicated and so are the essays assignments that go along with studying it.  If you are struggling with an assigned literature essay, either because you have not understood the work sufficiently, because you disliked the work, or because you are just overwhelmed by the scope of the assignment, turn to  We have professional writers degreed in literature from the world over who are ready to write you assigned literature essay for you.  We guarantee an original, custom-written essay that will conform to all of the details of the assignment and, as well, assist you in understanding the work. focuses on client satisfaction, because that is the only way our business grows.  Trust the company that prides itself on integrity and honesty – trust to write your essay!   

Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay requires the writer to provide a picture to his or her reader that is compelling, factual, believable, and written with very specific composition techniques.  More than most other types of essays, the descriptive essay relies upon unique and effective vocabulary that allows the reader to use his or her senses in getting a full “picture” of what is being described.  These can be difficult essays for the student who is not comfortable with vocabulary and style that paint an effective picture or the inclusion of sufficient detail to make the description effective.  If you struggle with a descriptive essay assignment, let one of our first rate writers create one for you.  Not only will you have a premier quality product to submit, but you will also have a model to use when future descriptive essays are assigned.  We guarantee that your essay will be a wholly original, customized piece, written only once you have ordered it, by a degreed professional.   You will receive your essay on time, and it will conform to all of the specifications you have provided us in your order.

Research Essay

A research essay can be a much more complicated task than other essay assignments, for the student must conduct research and then synthesize that research in a logically structured piece of writing. Writing a research essay requires more skill than simply getting one’s thoughts on education paper in an organized fashion.  It requires organizing the thoughts and data of others and reflecting on those thoughts and data to reach conclusions.  Students who struggle with the research essay should contact the experts at for quality assistance.  Given the topic, our experts know precisely how much research to do and where to quickly locate the most current and relevant research to be included in the essay.  These writers are degreed experts in their subject fields and can write with ease and grace.  They are completely familiar with formal writing processes and with all resource citation formats, so that your specifications and requirements can be met, without exception.  Most important, however, is the fact that no writer begins on a research essay until it is ordered, and no writer seeks out similar essays from existing databases, as many other writing services you’re your essay will be completely original and written from scratch – guaranteed!  You will never see your essay anywhere else, nor will your confidentiality ever be breached.  We are professional who put our client’s needs first and, because of this, remain the premier academic writing service available today.  Order your research essay right now – we will begin work on it immediately and deliver to you a product that will exceed your expectations.

A word of caution – there are many essay and paper writing companies out there who will promise but not deliver.  You will order and pay for a research essay or research paper and end up with an inferior product, written by a non-professional or, worse, completely plagiarized from other sources.  Do not put your academic career in the hands of these scam artists.  Trust, the one company that has been in business for decades and is proud to guarantee that your essay or paper will be 100% original and custom-written to your specifications.

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