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Good College Application Essay Topics


College application essay is part of the entrance test and the opportunity to tell the admission committee more about yourself. The purpose of this paper is the description of the features and prospects for the development of oneself as an individual. You can freely tell about your unique features, hobbies, aspirations, and stages of personal growth. Remember, college essay writing requires diligence and good knowledge. As usual, college admissions office pay attention to:
the ability to express your thoughts competently and interestingly;
how the proposed theme of the essay will be disclosed;
what you have already achieved and still intend to achieve in your life, what you are especially proud of;
the role of learning and education in your life.


Here is the list of things you should not forget about when creating a college application essay. First of all, members of the admissions committee would like to see the individual characteristics of the future student. You should not resort to the help of parents or teachers when writing a college essay.

Remember that college application essay is an opportunity to tell about your personality, to emphasize its uniqueness. Tell about your features that will make a good impression of you on those who read it. Be sure to tell the audience about the success you have achieved in any activity and how it affects you.

Do not be afraid to talk about how you see yourself in a few months or years. Even if everything changes after a while, the commission will be interested in your current point of view on your life prospects. Although such work is creative, do not forget that the format of application essay implies certain features of the text construction. Your story should be formatted properly and be logically thought out. Do not overload your text. Intricate phrases, too long sentences or reasoning can make it difficult for the commission to understand how your thoughts are going.

Remember that college application essay involves a chain of reasoning. Do not leave your thoughts without argument. The admissions office is very interested in learning about you as much as possible, so it will be right if more than one of your personality traits is revealed in your essay. Do not be afraid to show your originality and individuality, expressing it through the style of the text, description features, or any other way convenient for you.

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Based on the recommendations described above, it can be concluded that your application essay should primarily concern you and your personal characteristics. Here is a list of essay topics for college that will help you uncover the positive aspects of your personality.

  • Why do you need this program?
  • What are your goals?
  • Describe your short-term and long-term goals after the program ends.
  • How will your future education help to achieve these goals?

Highlight the purpose of participation in the project. Indicate how useful your participation in the program will be, what skills you are ready to share with your colleagues. If you have some scientific publications, be sure to mention them in your paper. Do not be afraid to tell the program coordinators about your plans for the future (in what area do you aspire to work, how do you plan to use your knowledge). It would not be superfluous to mention your strong qualities that will be useful to you during studying. Coordinators will appreciate your sincerity and self-presentation skills.

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Some universities and colleges may require you to describe the approximate direction of your future scientific work. Tell the readers about your research (if you have such scientific experience). Try to express your thoughts briefly. Let the admissions committee understand that you have a specific goal in studying some topics. Knowing these tips and essay topics for college students, you can write a good college essay.

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