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Criminal Justice as a Science


Criminal justice is a part of legal science and one of the branches of social sciences. Its content is a coherent system of criminal legal views and ideas about crime and punishment. It should be distinguished from criminal law as a system of legal norms and a branch of law.

Criminal justice as a branch of law appears to science as the subject of its study. It is the science of criminal law, which finds out its social purpose, the nature of all its institutions, their effectiveness, reveals the practical significance of each norm, gaps in legal regulations, and explores the problems of improving criminal justice. The subjects of this science are such social phenomena as crime and punishment. The subject of study is not only criminal law but also the practice of its application. Criminal legislation and the practice of its application are explored by science in their historical development and change. Therefore, the subject of criminal justice is the history of the development of the law, the tendency to improve it. In order to investigate this sphere in detail, it is necessary to be oriented in research paper topics for criminal justice.

Criminal Justice as a Set of Laws

In the widest sense, it is a system of legislative acts and the provisions of international treaties implemented in them that contain the norms of criminal law. Criminal justice in a narrower sense is a legislative act that contains one, several, or a system of interconnected and mutually agreed criminal legislations. It is the only codified act that contains most of the criminal laws.

It is one of the most important means of protecting life, health, honor, dignity, integrity, and human security, social system, political and economic systems, property and the entire legal order from criminal encroachments and the means to combat them. It contains norms defining the general provisions of criminal law, crime, and the punishment measure for acts, types of these actions and punishments for their commission, grounds, scope, and limits of criminal liability, bases for exemption from criminal liability or punishment. It is the definite means of educational and preventive influence on persons convicted of committing a crime, as well as on other citizens. Learn these topics for criminal justice paper to write a good work.

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Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

  • The concept and types of crimes. The main stages of their qualification.
  • The essence of the criminal law, its concept, types, and rules of qualification.
  • The concept and types of murder.
  • Murder under mitigating circumstances.
  • Bringing to suicide.
  • The concept and types of harm to health.
  • Leaving in danger.
  • Kidnapping.
  • Violent acts of a sexual nature.
  • Crimes that violate the sexual integrity of minors.
  • Violation of privacy.
  • Involvement of a minor in the commission of a crime.
  • Involving a minor in antisocial acts.
  • Human trafficking.
  • Failure to fulfill the duties of raising a minor.
  • The concept and signs of theft. The forms and types of theft.
  • Illegal taking of a vehicle without the purpose of theft.
  • Destruction or damage to property.
  • Illegal business.
  • Legalization of money or other property acquired by criminal means.
  • Making or selling counterfeit money or securities.
  • Smuggling.
  • Evasion of taxes and fees.
  • The terrorist act.
  • Capture of the hostages.
  • Violation of the rules of the road and vehicle operation and its difference from violation of the rules ensuring the safety of transport.
  • Abuse of authority.
  • Taking a bribe and giving a bribe.
  • Knowingly false testimony, expert opinion, and incorrect translation.
  • The special subject of crime.
  • Guilt, its concept, and forms.
  • Delimitation of intent and negligence.
  • The mixed form of guilt.
  • Mistakes in criminal law.
  • Stage of the crime.
  • Complicity in the crime.
  • Forms of complicity.
  • Signs of an organized group.
  • Signs of a criminal community (criminal organization).
  • Types of accomplices.
  • The multiplicity of crimes.
  • A set of crimes.
  • Repeated crimes.
  • Features of criminal liability and punishment of minors.
  • Compulsory medical measures.
  • The limits of criminal law.
  • Criminal legal relations, its main elements and content.

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As you can see, jurisprudence is a very interesting field of science. Knowing these criminal justice research paper topics, you can easily find a good theme for your research and write a really good law essay.

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