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How to Write a Biography Essay


The biography essay has entertaining and informative functions. It helps readers understand who the subject of the interview is, what the respondent values in his or her life, and what circumstances made a great impression on this person. Most publications, from newspapers and magazines to websites, regularly publish biographical essays. Knowledge on how to write a biographical essay will help you reach a new level of literary skill’s development and help the reader to look at the life of another person from the other perspective.

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Start With the Research

Gather as much information as possible about the person before interviewing him or her. If this person belongs to the celebrity world and gives interviews on a regular basis, he or she has a press kit to which you can submit a request. As a rule, a press kit consists of personal biography, resume, and copies of other interviews. You can also conduct online research and look for articles about this person. If you have official permission, you can talk to his or her family, relatives, and colleagues before the interview begins. These people will give you basic information that will help you write the right questions. Find some “how to write a biography essay examples” on the Internet and see how to build an interview correctly.

Choose the Format of Your Essay

Even if you have a personal biography on hand, there are several options here. For example, you can describe the day from the life of a celebrity. In this case, you may accompany the person throughout his or her daily routine. In your essay, it is possible to hint at what a person does in life and tell his or her story. In this case, it is necessary to concentrate on everyday events and leave aside the entire biography of a person. You can also write the history of life, starting from childhood. This type of essay is more detailed. You must explain why this person has become successful.

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Preparation for the Interview

Create a biography essay outline. Write a list of questions, starting with the general and moving on to more specific ones. Prepare the maximum number of questions. Most likely, you will not have time to ask all of them, but a long list will allow you to be more flexible. If a person does not want to discuss a particular topic, or you do not get answers you are satisfied with, you will have a wide choice. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment on hand, including a video camera, a pen, and a notebook.

Conduct an Interview

At this stage, you must be ready to conduct a face-to-face interview. If you conduct a personal interview, be attentive to detail, especially if you talk to a person at home or in the office. Most likely, you will pay attention to the environment, for example, the presence of a huge number of family photos and souvenirs or the emptiness of the room.

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Review Your Notes

Before you make the final version of your paper, review your notes. Look for quotes that may attract particular attention. Collect all your notes and basic information into one whole. Try to add quotes, statements, and jokes. Look for a large photo. Telling a story about the fate of a person, do not forget to point out specific events or an epoch that influenced his or her personal development. If you have the opportunity, draw parallels between the life of a particular character and other famous personalities.

Now you know how to create a good biography essay and impress your audience with interesting facts.

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