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How to Write a Personal Statement and Succeed


There are many uses for a personal statement, but its purpose is always based on selling yourself to the one who will read it. You should summarize your skills and experience in an attractive way and ensure the paper is relevant to what you are applying for. So here are some tips that will help you produce an effective personal statement that will stand out.

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First, let’s find out what a personal statement is. It is the first thing that is included in one’s CV and provides a short personal summary to potential employers to help the candidate stand apart from the competitors. Also, you certainly need to know how to write a personal statement for grad school if you are a university applicant. In this case, the paper is supposed to help you gain a place at university.

A personal statement is a vital part of CV and plays a big role in the way how it affects the reader. It gives an applicant the opportunity to sell himself or herself to the admission committee or an employer in just a couple of paragraphs. By providing a brief summary of your specific skills and experience, which make you perfectly fit for the position, you will be able to prove your suitability and persuade the reader to continue reading. An effective personal statement means the difference between standing out from the competitors and your CV being rejected.

Writing a Personal Statement

Before you wonder how to start a personal statement, make sure you know the recommended word limit. Perfectly, it has to be no more than 150 words. By writing a longer personal statement, you risk rambling and just taking up valuable space. Please keep in mind that it must be just a summary, not a cover letter. It is vital to keep the statement suitable and concise. The best thing you can do before writing a personal statement is reading several examples.

If you do not know what to include in your personal statement then make sure it answers the questions: Who are you? What do you offer? What career goals do you have? To ensure you have included everything important, you can write answers to these questions in bullet points while you are working on the draft. And if you are looking for some inspiration, use the job description to identify the required specific skills. For instance, if it is noted that a candidate should have great business analysis skills, it is important that you include this in your statement.

How to start? Whether you are writing a personal statement for college or for a job position, starting off with introducing yourself is always a good idea. For example, you can begin your personal statement as the following: “A skilled and enthusiastic X, with Y years of professional experience, currently looking for a Z position to use my knowledge and skills and take the next step in my career.”

You can write this part of the application in any tense or person. However, it is important to maintain consistency throughout your writing. This means you must avoid statements where you start writing in the first person and end with the infinitive.

Also, it is necessary to realize that a personal statement is not one-size-fits all paper. Simply put, you have to produce a new personal statement every time you are applying for a job or college. Certainly, it might require some time to make it suitable for each job role, but your efforts are worth it when it comes to impressing the employer. One of the personal statement tips is knowing that each position requires a little different set of skills. That means you should change the level of focus put on your abilities from one application to another.

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