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How to Write an Argumentative Essay Outline


An argumentative essay may be difficult to deal with. In order to write it, you need to put forward conclusive arguments to prove and back up your opinion, as well as refute the stance of your opponents. To organize your points and to eliminate possible errors, create an argumentative essay outline that will make your writing process way easier.

An introduction to an outline for an argumentative essay

The introduction sets the tone and defines whether the readers will read your essay or not.
To prevent your readership from putting your essay aside, use these three components to make your writing riveting and eye-catching:
Start with a hook.
A hook is a piece of content, which is meant to call the readers' attention. It contains only one sentence but it should be catchy. The hooks can take different forms: interesting stories, controversial statements, though-provoking questions, or statistics.
Develop your thoughts.
Explain to your readers why you chose this subject, why it is significant, and how your essay can make a difference. This part should not contain more than a few of sentences.
Create a thesis statement.
You need to provide a comprehensive thesis statement, which you will back up with conclusive arguments. It should testify to your position and explain why you believe this topic is significant.
Main body paragraphs
You can break paragraphs putting forward your arguments in support of the thesis statement and sections refuting the opposite statements. Following this model of main paragraphs presentation, you need to work both ways, supporting your position with a few pieces of evidence and displaying the weakness of opponents’ conventions.
However, you can also do vice versa and start from the paragraph, which refutes one popular statement.
A conclusion of an argumentative essay outline
The aim of a conclusion is to remind the audience why you decided to discuss the topic in question, restate your arguments that back up the stance you are adherent to, and call them to action.
As a rule, readers keep in mind only this part of your paper irrespective of how many efforts you put into this work. Thus, it is sensible to make it eye-catching so that the audience can agree with you.

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  • A hook
  • The reasons why you opted for this topic
  • A thesis statement

Main body paragraphs.
Argument #1: Put forward an argument. Use quotes to back it up.
Provide three different points to support the idea.
Sum up the paragraph by restating the argument and its evidence.
Follow this pattern for the argument #2 and argument #3

Restate the thesis statement, sum up the arguments, which you presented to support your stance, and display how you refuted opponent' statements.
Finally, ask your readers a question or highlight what may happen if nothing is done about the issue you discussed.

An argumentative essay outline example on the legalization of prostitution

Provide the official statistics of prostitution rates in the USA.
Explicate what impels women to sell their bodies, and why men are ready to pay for sex.

Thesis statement: Prove that legalization of prostitution can be dangerous to the society, and therefore, it should not be legalized.

Argument #1: Prostitution spreads the AIDS and other diseases.
Support this idea with official sources
Sum it up by saying that for this reason the legalization of prostitution is dangerous.

Argument #2: Prostitution distorts moral values and belittles the role of a woman.
Explain how an average woman in this 'occupation' sees herself and what image she hands down to future generations.
In a summary, say that this “occupation” brings down morals and self-image and can have a negative effect on the next generation.

Argument #3: Legalization of prostitution will not eradicate sex slavery.
Take Germany as an example of a country, which legalized prostitution, but it did not prevent human trafficking and women being sold into slavery.
Sum it up by saying that legalization of prostitution will not eradicate trafficking and sex slavery

Prostitution is not an occupation; it is a form of women's humiliation and can violate their rights and spread diseases. Therefore, it should not be legal; conversely, it should be prevented.

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