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How to Write an Environmental Essay


Ecological questions are crucial in the current course of time, and many people discuss them, debate, and strive to result in effective solutions. Environmental issues influence numerous fields of our lives. Hence, it is quite possible for an essay on environmental topic to be a relevant assignment in different college classes. Ecology, public health, history, political science, government and journalism are just several examples. Topics associated with environment inspire plenty of passionate feelings and are expected to trigger appropriate activity. It is essential to temper those ones by means of a rational and properly thought out approach. One more challenge of writing an environmental essay is to decide which of the infinite number of topics to choose. Essay writing on pollution may be a smart choice.

Where Do We Start with an Environmental Essay?

Choose a topic that interests you and the one that is related to the class you are taking. For instance, it can be an environmental pollution essay. This section offers a list of topics categorized for your convenience.

Current Events and the Environment

  • Do news outlets provide the readers with unfair amount of air time to climate change deniers?
  • The environment and its potential influence on the economy in the next five years.
  • Do politicians overplay issues related to environmental protection just to get votes?
  • What are the core kinds, effects and sources of pollution?
  • Is the ban of fossil fuels a must within the next decade?
  • Should the UN sanction those countries that produce the biggest amounts of pollution?

Business and Issues Associated with the Environment

  • A company that has decreased its carbon footprint effectively within the last decade.
  • Will businesses focusing on either consumption or production of fossil fuels be viable in 20 years from nowadays?
  • Provide a profile of an entrepreneur who has managed to launch a successful and simultaneously beneficial to the environment product.
  • Is it justified to criminally prosecute businesses when there is sufficient evidence that their pollution provokes disease, injury, or death?

Healthcare and the Environment

  • An essay on a causative relationship that exists between pollution rate and breathing conditions in children.
  • An environmental essay that refers to the positive outcomes of pollution decrease.
  • What are the five crucial environmental issues that influence public health currently?

The Environment and Government/History

  • Should governmental structures regulate businesses in terms of environmental issues, or should business area be trusted and provided with self-regulation privilege?
  • What environmental issues influence third world countries most of all?
  • Should environmental issues have more influence on foreign policy in comparison with economic concerns?
  • Should environmental sustainability influence the processes of import and export?

Environmental Pollution Introduction

You should start with general statements as well as brief reflections on the meaning of the chosen topic. You should also underline the significance of this topic. Both body and conclusion of a pollution essay should be built upon up to date, credible and relevant statistical information on the pollution as well as justified inferences. When you are writing an essay on pollution, you should also remember that the environmental essay has a background, namely, a description. You can outline, list, explain, and expand here. This is the basis you will build your conclusion on further.

Taking a Balanced Approach to Essay Writing on Environmental Pollution

Provided you have passionate opinions on some environmental issues, you have made your first step to an effective environment essay. However, regardless of the views you have, it is crucial to be able to write about the given topic in a logical, consistent and respectful manner. Do not let your personal opinion displace the factual data and rationality. Be maximally realistic and start writing about actual problems as well as actual solutions. It is essential to understand that no matter what your personal stance is, your essay on environment is to be supported by facts.

We recommend avoiding so-called “cheap shots” at the ones disagreeing with you. Keep in mind that it does not really matter whether you are writing a paper that the government should stop all environmental regulation, or an essay advocating the increase of these regulations and expansion of their potential – in any case, you are required to base each your argument on facts, logic, and also on fair consideration for the opposing opinion.

There are also cases when your professor provides you with the topic to write an environmental essay on. This may be quite a challenge, especially when you have a solid and passionate position on the issue in question. Take it for granted that not every time your personal opinion will coincide with the statement given in professor’s topics. This type of writing assignment can also be useful. To be more precise, it will teach you how to write an objective essay without impact of personal beliefs, diverse stereotypes, and other subjective factors.

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Some More Practical Recommendations on Writing Environmental Essays

As one of the most compelling, relevant, and even quite often controversial topics nowadays, environmental issues is a field of academia that provides a significant range of subject matters starting with notorious global warming and climate change issues and up to sustainable living and theme of pollution. It means that careful consideration is necessary when you choose a topic and develop a thesis statement. As it has been said above, facts are everything.

We strongly recommend ensuring the topic is sufficiently narrow and the thesis is relevant, justified, and perspective. Research outcomes from the library or credible online resources (online scientific journal databases are really useful for this purpose!) as well as contemporary blogs, books and forums will help you put together a set of core points so as to cover a constructive essay outline, featuring its basic elements, namely, introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

We highlight the ultimate importance of the proper use of paper format. Check format guidelines, and adhere to them throughout the whole paper. It refers to general format, references, and citations. Once the paper is completed, double-check format issues. Naturally, plagiarism issue is the last thing you want in the essay, so make sure you double-check on it as well.

It is usually useful to create subheads so as to guide a reader through the paper. Do not use too many citations. Direct quotes should be properly cited and formatted.

We have a list of essential elements usually provided in instructions to check on:

  • word count
  • style
  • format
  • in-text reference requirements
  • references page

The final recommendation: do read your completed environmental essay aloud in order to check if it makes sense to you in the following terms: flow, perspective, and consistency. It will be perfect to get feedback from others, especially those who you consider experts in the field, but if there is no time or opportunity for that, just check on what you can enhance in terms of grammar, sentence structure, spelling, and argumentation, and turn it in.

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