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"War and peace" review


Maybe, there is no person who does not know about the famous Russian writer of the 19th century - Leo Tolstoy. This author wrote a lot of different books, but the most popular and well-known all over the world is Leo Tolstoy's "War and peace" book. Tolstoy's "War and peace" is also one of the most complicated and longest books we might ever meet. So, how many pages is "War and peace" book? The "War and peace" book has more than a thousand and a half pages. Because of that, it describes approximately the first thirty years of the 19th century and is full of different events and characters – sometimes, even bookworms face a lot of difficulties during reading this book. Therefore, our expert, who has personally read it a few times to understand it as much as it is possible, has prepared for you the main points of this novel in this short "War and peace" book review.


There are two central plot lines in Tolstoy's "War and peace" book. The first is a deep description of the Russian-French wars and battles of 1805 (Austerlitz) and 1812 (Borodino). Today many historians use this novel as a source to broaden their knowledge. It contains stories and descriptions of such famous historical figures as Kutuzov, Napoleon, and others.

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The second plot line is the description of different social strata. Leo Tolstoy's "War and peace" book presents mostly the Russian nobilities’ life. He also compares different Russian society layers but pays attention in depth to aristocrats and characterizes them, their relationships, family problems, etc. It allows him to show a human being in each famous historical figure. Thus, it is always interesting to read Tolstoy's "War and peace" book, because of these deep and pure descriptions of people's life, emotions, love, etc.

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Leo Tolstoy's "War and peace" is also famous because of its characters. The author made his heroes believable, mysterious, and attractive at the same time. Sometimes it seems that characters ask your opinion, advice, etc. Maybe, it is this feature that makes Tolstoy's "War and peace" book unique among other literature pieces. You should pay attention to this point when you deal with the "War and peace" book.

Besides the two main plot lines, Leo Tolstoy's "War and peace" presents a lot of philosophical ideas and streams. He expressed his own thoughts concerning the historical events. Against a popular thesis that historical figures make events historical, Leo Tolstoy claimed that all historical figures are only tiny cogs in the global historical process, which is independent from people’s will. Furthermore, he states that the real creators of history are simple people since they make history through their small decisions unconsciously. Thus, historical figures become known only because of the historic events, and not vice versa. Therefore, Tolstoy's "War and peace" book is also known as a historical manifest in the philosophy of history and is highly appreciated by historians and literary critics.

The last but not the least thing is the name of the book. It is quite interesting and has a double meaning. In the Russian language, the word, which is used in the title, may have two meanings: "peace" and "society." It is accepted to call Tolstoy's novel "War and peace" in other languages, but it happened many years ago because of the lack of knowledge of the Russian language and Tolstoy's ideas. Nowadays, more and more modern publishers, literary experts, and even readers vote to name a book "War and society." Of course, we cannot find out what it truly means. However, we can guess it after reading the whole book. Also, it is possible that the book name encourages us to think more and maybe if we talk about the society we talk about the peace. Thus, it is also a unique feature of Tolstoy's "War and peace" book.

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